When industries use X-rays or gamma rays to check for defects in products, they must follow strict safety guidelines. Any individuals who do not follow these guidelines run the risk of endangering both themselves and others. There are three standard pieces of equipment most workers use to stay safe in industrial radiography:  

Radiation survey meter – This device measures the range at which radiation is being detected. Radiographers use it to see how much radiation is being measured and to keep themselves from being overexposed to it. They can also use it to make sure contamination is not leaking outside the boundary they have set up.

Alarming dosimeter – The radiographer wears this dosimeter at all times; it sounds an alarm when the user has exceeded a preset amount of radiation exposure. The purpose of the alarming dosimeter is to keep the radiographer from mistakenly walking too close to an exposed source.

Badge dosimeter – Traditionally, radiographers have worn film or Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLD) dosimeters to measure their cumulative radiation exposure so they can ensure they are not exceeding the occupational limit of 5,000 mrem per year of ionizing radiation. Both types of dosimeters must be collected every few months and processed before the amount of dose the radiographer has been exposed to can be known.

Advances in technology have reduced, if not almost eliminated, the wait for such important information. Today, the Instadose®+ digital dosimeter allows industrial radiographers to keep track of daily and cumulative radiation dose exposure results immediately. The device transmits dose exposure levels via Bluetooth® technology, and radiographers can access the information on-demand with a computer or mobile device. The system can also alert them by email when dose levels exceed a specified amount.

Industrial radiography in nondestructive testing is important work, and workers need the latest equipment in order to keep themselves safe. We live in a digital world — dosimeters should too!





Organizations must follow strict guidelines when performing industrial radiography.

Traditionally, radiographers wear film or TLD dosimeters to measure their cumulative radiation. But these must be collected every few months.

The Instadose+ dosimeter allows radiographers to monitor their exposure level on a daily and cumulative basis.




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