In today’s digital world dental practices, along with other health care providers, have evolved with the times. Paperwork is available online, X-rays can be accessed using smartphones and computer-assisted implants are routine. Innovation is fast and it becomes difficult to determine which pieces of technology are most important for your practice.

So, let’s talk about what to consider when you’re deciding how to invest your money.


Patient outcomes: If digital leads to better results, it’s worth the investment. For example, computer-aided CAD/CAM dentistry has greatly improved the ability to design dental restorations. Crowns, bridges and dentures have never been one-size-fits-all, and CAD/CAM allows dentists to create longer-lasting solutions.

Efficiency: When a practice saves significant time, the focus remains on treating patients. Systems that have been created to help eliminate paperwork are a great example of this. It’s more time efficient to have patients fill out their information online, than it is to hand them a clipboard when they arrive at the office.

Safety (for both patients and staff): Safety should never be compromised. While dental X-rays emit relatively low amounts of radiation, it can add up for dental workers. That’s why your staff members need to wear dosimetry badges to measure their radiation dose. The Instadose+ dosimeter uses digital technology allowing you to capture dose information instantly by downloading the data onto a computer or mobile device. When your patients see employees wearing Instadose+ dosimeter badges, they know you truly care about safety.